It’s an industrial, automatic, suction "Collating System" with modular structure, based on a rotary system that guarantees high speed production and a minimum wear to moving parts.
The frame hardiness and the advanced tecnology make the MAXIMA a reliable instrument and suitable specially for high productions.
The suction feeders, equipped with indipendent telescopic suckers, which are adjustable in height and tilt, leave the sheets on the collecting tables.
The sheets are carried forward on support bars moving around the machine.
The frontal blowers and the separating springs assure a perfect pickup.
An electro-pneumatic control, situated in every station, stops the machine in case of a double or missing sheet.
In every station it’s possible to load up to 50 cm of material.
A motorized indipendently system adjust the pile height of each station in a gradual and automatic way.

MAXIMA           70 x 100

Standard version
Sheet size max. cm

36 X 51
8 X 10

51 X 71
12 X 10

51 X 80,5
12 X 10

60,5 X 80,5
12 X 10

72 X 104
35 X 50
Duoble stream version
Sheet size max. cm

23,5 X 35
8 X 10

33,5 X 50
12 X 10

38 X 50
15 X 10

38 X 60
12 X 10

Compl. table separated version
Sheet size max. cm

22 X 35
8 X 10

38 X 50,5
12 X 10

Paper weight gr/m2 20÷900 20÷900 20÷900 20÷900 50÷900
Max Speed cycles/h 5000 4000 4000 3600 2500
N° stations 3÷21 3÷17 3÷17 3÷17 3÷10
Pile height cm 40 50 50 50 73
Set thickness mm 5 5 5 5 5



From 3 up to 17 stations, can be elongated in units of two stations.

Speed: Maximum 3.600 mechanical cycles/hour
The actual production speed and the actual net output are dependent on size, paper quality, thickness, condition of stock and other operating conditions.


Standard version:
Max. 605 x 805 mm (gripper edge); Min. 120 x 100 mm (gripper edge)

Two up version:
Max. 600 x 380 mm (gripper edge); Min. 120 x 100 mm (gripper edge)

At the delivery of the two up collator, for coupling the two parallel collecting, is settled an overlapping unit, equipped with a set or sheet feeding station.
This unit is also useful as a automatic line switcher and conveyor.
Merging device at the delivery of the collator, positioned 90° across the collating direction; it merges together the two parallel sets. This device can also be used for manual or automatic feeding of single sheets or precollated part sets, as well as a transfer to downstream machines (delivery to the left side in running direction as option). Transport of the material by mean of pushers and continuos side jogging square.
Electromagnetic gates stop and jogger the sets on 4 sides before feeding the delivery exit (connection with other machines). Max. size mm 350 x 500, min. mm 100 x 150.
Extra charge for merging device to the left, instead of the right.
Double belts’ introduction for MERGING DEVICE to be fitted on it’s back for a straight in-line use together with the MAXIMA. Useful for feeding by hand a precollated part set.

Paper weight: from 20 up to 900 g/m2, paper, board and plastic material, also perforated and die cut. For different sheet sizes in width and height up to 5 mm set thickness in the same set.

Digital readout of speed.

6 digits continuous counter.

Infrared safety curtains on both sides (CE and TUV certified).

A control panel for the most important machine functions in each twostations unit, on the side opposite to the preloads.

Pressure/vacuum pump(s).

Batch counter at the delivery exit of the collator to stop the machine at the desired number of cycles. In this way it is easier the separation of different jobs inside the same load of paper.

Electronic programming for max. 4 stations, to be determined in advance, which enables automatic feeding e.g. of a separating sheet and/or a top and/or bottom sheet (as cardboard) (optionals).

2 extra add-on stations for field retrofit. The extra stations can be added up to a maximum of 17.


Each station is equipped, underneath the preloading tables, with a returnrail.
This device makes easier the table taking and makes faster thefollowing loading operations.